In the past, most license business systems in Japan have been for large corporations where large-scale production takes place. However, small and midsize businesses account for over 70 percent of Japanese manufacturers. These small companies are unable to fully benefit from license services because of large start-up costs and other restrictions.
There is no question that characters and brands are extremely effective in differentiating products. Even so, few products with strong consumer appeal can be presented without effective advertisement and other sales promotion campaigns.
With this understanding, we have reviewed conventional business models from multiple angles. The result is a new system of license business that offers intermediate services for trademarks, copyrights and other rights-related matters.
It is against this background that Mitsui &Co.,Ltd. and Total Original Produce Co., Ltd. have started up a new license business, naming this system "LP2." This notice introduces its main functions.
LP2 has two objectives as it proposes a new style of license business. One is "new license development" to support talented copyright holders and the other is "user risk reduction" based on the license use system.

General activities

What is the LP2?

LP2 is a license agent that quickly responds to the needs of the newage. It manages and offers consultation services for the intangible properties of all kinds of merchandising rights for food, clothing, housing and leisure activities.


Sales promotion and PR activities

Positive involvement in license promotion and PR activities for heightening recognition are the biggest distinguishing features of LP2.

Distinguishing features


Rights chart